Who Am I

Who am I, to bear the name
Of Christ, who bore my sin and shame?
Who am I to live, while He
Bled and died on Calvary?

I am Peter; I am Paul,
Greatest sinner of them all.
I'm Barabbas, safe while He
Took my place upon the tree.

I'm the High Priest, Pilate too:
All their sins are my sins too.
I am Pilate's dreaming wife,
I am Dorcas, raised to life.

Who are we? The Son's own Bride,
Cherished ones for whom He died.
Peter, Dorcas, me and Paul,
We are nothing, He is all.

He is Jesus, Holy One,
God's beloved Saviour-Son,
Promised Christ, Redeemer, King,
Loving Lord of everything.

He's my hope, my destiny,
I'm in Him and He's in me.