I Believe

I believe in darin' right
When all the world cries wrong,
I'm livin' by a dreamlight
That shines out all night long.
I believe in good 'n' true
That's worth the livin' for,
No matter how it seems,
Such hopes aren't idle dreams,
I always will believe.

I believe there's re-al life
Beyond the neon glare
And glossy magazine lies
That blind us ev'rywhere.
Now some will tell you livin' smart
Is grabbin' what you want:
An honest man's a fool,
Integrity's not cool -
This world has been deceived.

Don't you know what people say
Is just another chain
To drag us from the dreamways
And bind us up again?
I know that I can get it wrong,
There's times I will forget
Success is an illusion,
This crazy world's delusion -
Sometimes it's hard to see.

When I don't live what I believe
I hope that you'll be near,
To hold up high the dreamlight
So I can see it clear.
Remind me that there's good 'n' true
That's worth the dyin' for,
I'll seek that lastin' gold
That can't be bought or sold,
I always will believe.

I will trust in miracles
When hope all melts away,
Let's not give up our dreamin'
No matter what they say.
A dyin' man upon a cross
Can turn a life around,
Our dreams are comin' true
Of broken lives made new,
That's what I believe.