Articles by Diane Sutton

These musings are a smorgasbord of thoughts and, I hope, occasional insights. Sometimes my musings happen in verse instead of prose.

Our world is changing quickly, but it's not out of control. Let's seek to understand today's events, uncertainties and fears. We need the eagle's perspective; not the ostrich's, nor the frightened rabbit's.

Why muse online?

It gives my husband's ears a rest.

It helps me to formulate ideas which I have discussed with him and others, am praying about, pondering and researching.

It grows an understanding of things that seem important:

  • the Kingdom of God;
  • the struggles of Western culture and rise of Marxist thinking;
  • the purpose and meaning of prophetic books like Revelation and Daniel;
  • the power and purpose of God's people on God's earth.

Are you not a-mused?

Some of my musings might rile you because of my tone or the content or even the subject matter. These pieces are written for different audiences; maybe you were not in the room (in my head) when I wrote it. I would have written differently, had I known you were about to come in.

Certain musings are directed only toward those who hold a similar worldview to mine; people who don't need every assertion debated and justified. Other articles are for a wider readership. You should be able to tell the difference!

At times, I muse crankily. I struggle with the balance between speaking truth boldly and gentleness, between the call to holiness and patience with our gradual growth in Christlikeness, between judgment and mercy. That shows in my writing. I warned you on my About page that I have a logical bent - I also have strong emotions. Putting the two together, I get furiously frustrated by people who draw so-called conclusions via emotionalism instead of reason. I get impatient with lack of logic, with people accepting blatantly false or distorted data without a murmur, with people who swear they don't trust politicians or the media yet believe every word that pollies & media say. More about this amongst my Musings.

Hang on, you say: aren't the poems on this website an appeal to the heart instead of the head? And don't some poems even appear here as Musings? Yes, guilty as charged! I ponder some matters through metaphor, song and verse. Poetry is poetry. It has its place. So does analytical thinking. The two are to be happily married, not in a bickering relationship or  one that has broken up 'irreconcilably'. Rhyme and reason.

One day, my musings might become a blog to allow for comments and discussion. That's software under development, part of a broader project that will take a while.