Privacy Policy


In this policy, 'me', 'I', or 'my' means Diane Sutton, owner of this website.

I may review and update this policy at times. All personal information held by me will be governed by the most recently updated policy.

Information I collect online

I may collect the following information via my website:

  • Contact details and requests, comments and other information voluntarily supplied by you;
  • Web statistics recording the paths taken by visitors through the websites. This information is generally only recorded against IP address; it is not usually attributed to individual visitors.

Statistics include:

  • the type of browser you are using,
  • the date and time of your visit,
  • your IP address,
  • the address of any website that referred you to mine, and
  • the addresses of pages accessed on my website and any documents downloaded.
How I collect data

Web statistics are recorded by my website's host server. Contact and other details are collected when supplied by you via my website's forms or otherwise.

Why I collect it and how I use it

I collect your contact and other details to respond to comments you send me via this website, or to requests or queries you raise.

I collect website statistics:

  • to measure and monitor the performance of my website,
  • to refine and update my website's content, and
  • to monitor my website for violations of the terms of use or any applicable laws by visitors.

My hosting provider may request identifying information - which may be obtainable from your IP address - from your Internet Service Provider in the event of suspected, attempted or actual abuse of this website or of the server on which it resides.

How & why I disclose data

I may disclose your contact details to third parties under the following circumstances:

  • when explicitly authorised to do so by you,
  • as required or authorised by any applicable law,
  • as part of an investigation by my server provider into your bona fides or your activity on my website (including to your Internet Service Provider or network administrator),
  • if I or my server provider have reason to believe that you have committed a breach of any of my terms of use or have been engaged in any unlawful activity, and I reasonably believe that disclosure is necessary (including to the police or any other enforcement body, or to your Internet Service Provider or network administrator), or
  • to lessen or prevent a serious threat to a person's health or safety.

I do not otherwise supply your private information to third parties.


Cookies are tokens containing small amounts of information that are passed between a web browser and server. They may be used for various purposes, including to retain information between visits if you return to the website at a later time.

I may use cookies for website statistics or for other reasons deemed necessary or desirable for the function of the website.

You may opt out by turning off cookies in your browser. Disabling cookies may result in reduced website functionality.


You acknowledge that the security of communications sent by electronic or other means cannot be guaranteed. You provide information to me via the Internet or in other ways at your own risk.

All reasonable care is taken to ensure the security and confidentiality of private information that I hold: that it is not lost, misused, or inadvertently provided to unauthorised third parties.

My website retains a current security certificate, which encrypts data between server and website user; both the webpage content and information which is submitted via any online forms.

Access to information collected by this website and/or held in the website's database is limited to:

  • me, and
  • in the case of a server or website malfunction which could require database access to identify and/or fix the issue: my hosting providers, for the duration of the incident.
Contact me

You may seek access to and update or correct the information I hold about you. If you make an access request, I may ask you to verify your identity. I may charge a fee to cover the costs of meeting your request.

If you have any questions or complaints about how I collect, use, disclose, manage or store your personal information obtained via this website, or would like to request access or changes to the information I hold, please contact me in writing by email to:

Last updated: 6 September 2020