Liberté, Egalité, Fraternitéabout these words?

There was a nation bold and free, Australia was her name,
On friendship and on honest toil they built her sturdy frame.
This South Land was a nation born to set us truly free,
And dearly did her people love her land and liberty.

Our fathers left old Babel's tower, and to these lands did roam,
Or, rejects from their fatherland, were forced to make this home.
Some fled here to a land of grace, their chance to start anew:
Through strife and loss and hardship, you have drawn us all to you.

So come away, you Aussies, and aim for freedom high,
Together we will struggle, together we will die.
We'll stand against all tyranny, and treat our neighbour right,
And strive to live in harmony, in freedom our delight.

As time went by, the people soon forgot their lofty call:
The pollies and the public now in greed and folly fall.
Our wallet is our only hope, and comfort's all our joy,
And any noble principle our selfish ways destroy.

It seems our nation still can't live without her ball and chain:
With credit cards and national debt, we forge them new again.
The nations come to take our cash, our assets, and our land:
We tremble, and give up our gold to any foreign hand.

Alas for all us Aussies who stack our debts up high,
Together we are plundered, together we will die.
We sell our souls to greedy banks, we throw away our brains,
And love to live in slavery bound down by paper chains.

For initiative and valour we Australians had a name,
For fighting through when hope was lost: intrepid, tough and game.
Now, near enough is good enough, our towns all look the same,
Our lives are moulded for us all: our clothes, our kids, our brains.

It's not our sporting heroes or the faces on TV
That build a nation's greatness, but the lives of you and me:
The values that we live by, and not just what we say,
The way we treat each other every ordinary day.

Alas for all us Aussies who've forgotten how to think,
Together we have chucked it in, together we will sink.
Is this what diggers fought for, the life for which they died:
Netflix and a mortgage, and the latest foodies' guide?

They framed a Constitution in our nation's dawning hour,
To guard us with a sturdy wall, restrain the hand of power.
Although the courts and Parliament are subject to our law,
They've sold us out to global rule with treaties by the score.

International agreements on our nation's laws and soul
Set the lowest common factor as our highest common goal.
To please their faceless masters, see our faithless shepherds crawl:
Corrupt and foolish sycophants that smash our country's wall.

Have we never heard of statesmanship? Let's hang our heads in shame.
A Great South Land of liberty? A "nation" worth the name?
The paper chains they're busy with grow longer by the hour,
Our children will be convicts ruled by undiluted power.

In Rome, they offered circuses and handed out the bread,
To dull the people's consciences and make them laugh instead,
To blind them to the sins of state and stem rebellion's flow:
In slavery to luxury, who rocks the status quo?

Here in this democratic land, we vote our leaders in:
The biggest bribes of wealth are sure the voters hearts to win.
Our rulers need integrity and wisdom, commonsense:
But greed and lust for power mar the Acts of Governments.

Stop laughing, this is serious, let's get our brains in gear:
We've lolled too long in mindless ease, our nemesis is near.
Officialdom has grabbed control in all the ways it can,
Abused its role, usurped the place of ordinary man.

The chains are real that bind us, from the greatest to the small,
Electronic, steel or paper chains, it matters not at all.
Their force is not decided by material or make:
The chains grow tighter round our hearts by choices that we take.

And what of those who do not fit this thin deceptive shell?
Despair, addictions, suicide the truer story tell.
Why are so many suffering, their spirits torn apart?
It's time we dared to gaze upon Australia's broken heart.

So come away, my people, our silence is our shame:
Our nation drowns in evil, and we all must bear the blame.
We only have until we die to live this life we own:
Don't waste it caught in endless chains with evil on the throne.

"Freedom" and "equality" have subtly changed their face,
We've given way to bigots who demand, but show no grace.
We've lost our sense of when to yield, when not to yield an ounce:
A nation rich on luxury, but short on all that counts.

"No one calls for justice, no one pleads an honest case,
They rely on empty arguments, for truth there is no place."
These words are from Isaiah's mouth, milennia ago:
His people went to slavery, and that's where we will go.

Wake up, all you Aussies! While we dozed on Comfort's knee,
Marauders slipped within our gates to steal our destiny.
The choice is set before us: from deception to be freed,
To dare to walk in liberty, a Great South Land indeed.

But with 2020 vision, we embarked on something new:
We panicked at a virus less destructive than the flu.
Our "leaders" let the globalists dictate to us their terms,
They shut down all and sundry who are nowhere near the germs.

They use a shonky test to class the well as direly ill,
They ban all early treatment, so the bug is sure to kill:
They shout their crazy orders till the people just won't think,
While tame compliant media rush in to spread the stink.

Come on, Aussies, face the facts: does this make any sense?
When a bug is dangerous, the sick need more defence:
So why block ivermectin, HCQ et al?
Why order covid patients to do nothing to get well?

A vaccine-triggered injury or death's a rarity,
If only you will take the jab, your life becomes more free:
Until they change the rules once more, and laughing all the way,
Insist you take a booster... and you'll do just what they say.

But who will doubt that experts know what's good for us today?
Never mind what's in the vial, believe the TGA.
They've decided by consensus that the danger's very small:
A novel meditech with graphene oxide's good for all.

These hypocrites control us with insane despotic zeal:
They say they want to save us, but they ban the drugs that heal,
They swear no vaccine mandates, yet enforce them by degrees,
And imprison, ban or silence anyone who disagrees.

PCR tests, crooked case statistics, lockdowns, masks and lies
Have filled our minds with senseless fear, lest any mortal dies.
In dread we walk a living death with families locked apart,
Vaccines divide and maim us, and we tear Australia's heart.

Instead of doubting leaders, we suspect our kin and friends,
Blaming unvaxxed neighbours for the threat that never ends.
We never look at where the profits flow and who gains power:
Have Aussies all turned drongoes in our key defining hour?

Now come away, my hearties, from censorship and fear,
This mockery of "safety" that holds vile dominion here.
We lost our freedom inch by inch, we'll win back heart by heart:
Shake off our sloth and raise our heads; get up and make a start!

It's scary and it's costly, and we'll make mistakes no doubt,
We'll offend our friends and families, lose jobs and start to doubt.
Some will be imprisoned and some might even die,
But the cost of doing nothing is unconscionably high.

The diggers didn't ask to lose their dreams and hopes, to fight:
They laid down lives and "rights" to keep our freedom's flame alight.
Remember Aussie heritage, the risks they dared to take:
Our history we must not lose, for everybody's sake.

Don't hide away like little mice, submit to thugs' control,
Subject our country meekly to the lies that rob her soul.
It's time to choose the harder road, in easy joy's despite:
To fight and not surrender, never compromise what's right.

Perhaps you think there's still a hope, it isn't really bad,
Elections or Big Brother can restore the life we had.
Perhaps you want to pay'em back for all they've done to you,
To smash the leaders from their thrones, replace them with - well, who?

Perhaps you think this land of ours deserves a dismal fate:
Our past was steeped in genocide and homophobic hate?
Research the primary sources, check the tale that you've believed:
Postmodern generations have been wickedly deceived.

There is a vision splendid for this land we call God's own:
Of liberty, and dignity, the hope to start again.
Not clutching vengeful hatred, "them and us", and nursing wrong:
In mercy and humility to learn to get along.

You can listen to the parrots who have such a lot to say:
That we owe colonial "victims", and we must do things their way;
Or listen to the One who Is Unchanging Truth and Light,
Who promises to meet us if we turn to what is right.

Mercy and repentance are unfettered, unrestrained:
They take us past the fences, unpredicted, uncontained.
Just like the wild Spirit of this land that's called our name,
A roaming, timeless Spirit that we cannot fence or tame.

Do you dare a revolution in the secrets of your soul?
Will you let this country claim you - or hide within your hole?
Seek the strong and certain springs of all we cherish here,
The truth that's hidden in our land: or clutch on to your fear.

Knowing that we're less than gods and yet are more than dust,
As brothers, not as enemies, we'll live in peace and trust.
There was a man that walked this way of freedom from his birth,
And Jesus was the truest man that ever lived on earth.

Jesus lived a full-on life, calls us to do the same,
He gave it to the hypocrites, and helped the poor and lame,
Forgave us while we killed him and fulfilled love's mighty law:
In "weakness" was gigantic power - and still is, evermore.

So look up, all you Aussies, and learn this other Way:
Success is not in what you earn, nor how you spend your pay.
And liberty is not a name for doing as you please:
The right way up is upside down, and God's rule only frees.

You'll say it's unrealistic, just a preacher's turn of phrase,
And mock this way, as many have in o so many ways:
Do you have a better answer? Can you help, but not control?
Can you reform society, yet keep our freedoms whole?

Can you live better than this Man, in all he did and said?
If not: then surely now it's time to let him lead instead.
Forget the faults of business-church with all its pomp and pride:
Keep your eyes upon the Saviour, not upon his tawdry bride.

You can blame it on the others till your tongue is turning blue:
If you want to change our nation, it's between one God and you.
One by one, each day we live in truth or live a lie,
And by our choices in these days, our land will live or die.

There's a message for the failures who can see their helpless need,
Lament our nation's weaknesses, and long to see her freed:
God pardons when we cry to him and, desperate, clutch his hand,
For dearly does the Father love this broken, weeping land.

God won't wait until we're perfect, for he knows we're up the creek,
He's looking now for willing hearts that long to hear him speak.
In our helplessness and weakness, God's almighty Word works best:
When we give him our failure, he is glad to do the rest.

Then in a sunscorched land our God will meet our every need,
Our light will rise in darkness, and our healing soon be seen.
This is also from Isaiah: it's all been seen before,
Will we ever learn from history? Or will we fall once more?

In evil never dreamt of, in a mire of sinking sand,
Our sorry land is foundering, and who will lend a hand?
We need a solid footing, not opinions, "likes" and lies,
To clamber from this quicksand now before our nation dies.

It's not an easy option, and it's not our favoured lot,
But freedom isn't really free: it costs us all we've got.
We've clutched at every broken spar to try and save this land,
I'm sure there's no alternative to Jesus' bloodstained hand.

So turn around, you Aussies who hate to live this lie,
Together live for freedom, or together watch it die.
Let's stand for love and honesty, forget the short-term gains,
And scorn to live in slavery, bound down by any chains.

Another musing in verse, to The Wild Colonial Boy. This poem began in early 2000s and has surfaced in various shapes & sizes over the years.

Once I started, events and news items would shape themselves easily into the schema of the poem. Verses have multiplied, moved themselves around and proven sadly true as Australia has grown ever more insane. I don't expect that process of rising insanity to stop in a hurry. But God is great; who knows what might happen, and soon.

It's easy to criticise what's going on, and very hard to write a way forward for our nation. Hope is essential; the poem was incomplete without offering a new vision for Australia & a way to get there. That had to wait many years, until I acquired an inkling of the kingdom of God on earth.

God's kingdom comes and impacts nations just as it impacts individuals. As we learn his ways, our renewed minds & character influence our culture and government. These gradually grow in truthfulness, compassion, integrity, marital faithfulness, purity, self-giving love for one's neighbour.

Such values grow from assurance of the innate value of every human being, made in God's image and loved (though imperfect). They don't arise naturally from atheism, evolution or agnosticism. There is no reasonable foundation in those beliefs to produce a gentle-yet-strong, forgiving, beautiful moral code.

Do we want society to hold values like honesty (not stealing your car) and kindness (not leaving you on the street outside Emergency when you can't pay)? Of course. Do we want these values, but without a God who gives them grater weight than personal opinion? If so, we're trying to have our Christ and eat him too. It's intellectually dishonesty. Vishal Mangalwadi and Francis Schaeffer explain this better than me.

It's a kind of dishonesty too, to claim Jesus' moral teachings (at least the ones we like) but without his lordship. Jesus never separated the two. The triumph in the Book of Revelation (the end of the Bible) is only gained through the cross and through our own dying to self (as god of our lives). There are no easy routes to peace, joy, love or freedom.

Terra Australis Incognita was the ancient name for the assumed but undiscovered southern continent. The phrase translates as "unknown south land". You'll notice there is no "great" in that phrase. Nonetheless, many today are convinced that Australia is or was the "Great South Land".