Warp and Weftabout these words?

Your robe of one piece, one peace,
could not be broken

as the curtain in the Temple
before the Holy of Holies
could not be torn

woven in one piece, one peace,
to the Master embroiderer's design:
not stitched together
by man's poor best efforts

Your robe they could not rend
the violent ones, the godslayers, guards
of right and wrong
in God's own land

yet the curtain in the temple You
tore in two,
its august folds dividing
at the Master's word:
'It is done'

Your robe of righteousness is on me
and cannot be torn asunder
it is complete

You cover me with the hem of Your garment
You shelter me with the wings of Your robe
in which is healing

and I shall never
be ashamed

About these words

This poem weaves together various Bible passages.

The curtain of the holiest place of the temple was made of one piece of material. So was Jesus' robe. When he died o the cross, the temple curtain split in two.

For the 'robe of righteousness', see Isaiah 61:10.

'Healing in his wings' (as in the Christmas carol), comes from the book of Malachi the prophet.